Our Commitment to our EARTH and its PEOPLE.

Our menu is a reflection of our FOSL philosophy (Fresh, Organic, Sustainable, Local). In respecting the Earth that gives birth to our food and to the Artisans & Farmers who bring to the market the many products we enjoy, our menu offers all that is fine, fresh & wholesome, paying homage to food, land and its people.


Recently made, produced, or harvested; not stale or spoiled: fresh bread. Having just arrived; straight: salmon fresh from the catch.

We adhere as much as possible to the 100-mile radius program insuring that only the freshest available foods reach your table. Getting the freshest of ingredients translates into best tasting of foods. We boast 80% of all products purchased for our menu to be Ontarian in origin, most of which right from neighboring communities like Brantford, Mitchell, Wellington County and Stoney Creek. Local purveyors located in Oakville are also supported as much as possible. Building relationships with these local purveyors guarantees freshness and quality. We are committed to supporting all Foodland Ontario products.


Raised or conducted without the use of drugs, hormones, or synthetic chemicals: organic chicken; organic cattle farming.

Organic implies simplicity, healthful choices and being closer to nature. We purchase only items from producers and purveyors that respect the land and waters of our great country. Whenever possible, certified organic products are used. Relationships are forged with growers ensuring that we know where and how these products are cultivated. An effort is always made to ensure that only wholesome products ever reach the table.


Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment: sustainable agriculture.

Most of our produce, meats and fish come from local and Canadian farms and purveyors that practice ecologically sound agriculture and harvesting. An example of this practice is the fact that we only buy Ocean Wise certified fish. Ensuring that a conscience effort to respect the environment is made from both the producer and the purchaser is key to the long-term sustainability of the food we eat.


Of, relating to, or characteristic of a particular place: a local custom; the local slang. Of or relating to a city, town, or district rather than a larger area: state and local government.

Our mentality of supporting our own is always first on our agenda when purchasing products. Most of what we purchase is done through the 100-mile radius program, by definition as local as you can get. In addition, we can boast that 95% of our products are truly Canadian in origin, harvested, produced, and grown from coast to coast. From Georges Bank in Nova Scotia to Oka in Quebec to Eagle Creek in Saskatchewan to Ucluelet in British Columbia, we are Canadian through and through.

The 100 Mile Market will be an agent of change to promote economically sustainable local food growing, production and distribution, support of the family farm and consumer access to readily available, more nutritious food choices at affordable prices and at reduced ecological and environmental costs.

Over 25 years of experience
Over 1 million meals prepared
Over 10k deliveries

FOSL delivers this seasoned attitude for making creative menus, a combination of highly
professional catering staff and long-respected work ethic.

FOSL operates in conjunction with 4 key pillars; FRESH, ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE, and LOCAL. Over the course of 25 years,
these tried and true practices have brought distinguished culinary experiences to patrons nearly 1 million times.